Elindia Bellydance

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About me

I have been belly dancing since 2005 - initially studying under Stephanie Gawne - a first class professional belly dance teacher and choreographer and an expert in Turkish, Egyptian and Lebanese, to name a few, styles.  Stephanie is based in Cardiff.

I have attended numerous workshops in a variety of styles and can offer beginner and improver classes to suit most shapes and abilities. 

Seren Arabi is the name of our performing group, made up of Elindia students, who have attained a good level of dance and performance skills.  We perform for friends and family, charity events, haflas and parties, and are currently dipping our sparkly toes into the commercial market! 

Elindia - origins

My performing name of Elindia comes from a combination of the Estonian Goddess of Flight - Elinda, with the Greek Goddess of love and passion (for dance!), Lindia.  My real name is Linda!

Fully Insured Dance Instructor

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