Elindia Bellydance

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Aim of the Beginners Course

 To help the student to perform the core moves used in North African Arabic and Middle Eastern dance, in a safe and positive way, using a simple choreography, and putting it into its cultural, geographical and historical context “

Beginners and Refreshers

During the course you can learn how to perform the following moves:

Hips - shimmies, lifts, drops, circles, hits, figures of 8, pelvic tilts and drops

Chest - lifts, drops, circles

Steps - forward and back step, turns, side steps

Arms and hands - "neutral" position, directional and snake arms, hand movement and expression

Shoulders - shimmies and pops

Bellies - Camels, rolls

You will also learn some choreography to help you practice each move and exercises to develop strength to improve your ability to move on to the Improver Classes.

From the first lesson we will learn the art of confident presentation, good posture and control, balance and the use of core strength

Providing you attend regularly and you reach a satisfactory standard, you will be awarded a certificate of achievement.  Certificates are awarded towards the end of your course.

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You will have the opportunity to:

establish and expand on all the moves learned in the beginners classes, introduce more difficult moves and start combinations;

develop through gradually more challenging choreography and exercise;

continually improve posture and presentation skills and develop more confidence;

learn about different dance styles - e.g. tribal, baladi, Turkish Romani, folkloric etc