Elindia Bellydance

Don't be shy, give it a try!

Your Safety

Belly dancing is generally a low impact, gentle activity.  However, if you have any doubt about your ability to take part, please discuss this your medical practitioner before joining a class.

At each class, we do a gentle warm up and spend time stretching before we begin to develop the moves used in belly dancing and we have a short cool down stretch at the close of each lesson too. This is necessary to prepare the body safely and to strengthen areas that help in balance and posture - you are training to be a dancer!

Go at your own pace!

There is no pressure to "keep up".  We have regular drinks breaks so you stay hydrated too. Everyone is different in their ability and you may find that as you do more, you will be able to improve your stamina level - but this will be gradual - so take things easy and be kind to yourself!  xxx


Belly dancing can be happily done in bare feet.  However, if you prefer to wear shoes, they need to be flat and very flexible with thin soles and not be liable to slip off. Cheap ballet shoes are ideal. I understand that some people need to wear shoes for support, and that's OK too.


Clothing needs to be comfortable and flexible - leggings are great, as is a skirt with an elasticated waist, for instance.  A t-shirt is OK to wear on top.  You are likely to get warm as the exercise level develops, so bring layers. We don't do floor exercises, but we will be bending over : )